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Newbie attemp to make Hard Mod.

Started by l0l_cabbage, January 06, 2012, 06:41:52 AM

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Hi! Since I am lover of hard games, I really want to make such an easy game like FFVII(PSX version, because PC version sucks) into something harder. Things I want to do:
1)Change initial materia, level, gil, items and stats.
2)Change boss stats and their drop.
3)Change/remove some treasure chests, materia, weapons and items.
4)Change level/stats limit.
5(Change weapon stats and materia slots.
And a lot of different things.
How can I do this and what program should I use?(P.S. Sorry for my English).
Can anyone answer me?


It's been done.

He even lists the tools he used.

P.S. The subject line of your post would be substantially more informative if you mentioned FFVII.
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The place to find how to hack and tools for FF7/8 is and be sure to check out the forum but search on it because FF7 is old stuff.