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Started by Gemini, September 04, 2011, 09:02:29 PM

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Quote from: Gideon Zhi on December 02, 2011, 09:26:51 PM

All I can say is yes, please. I'm not sure what the differences are between the PC and the SNES versions (I know the PSX one had some extra scenes), but all the same, I'll definitely be looking into this whenever it's finished.


It's similar to the PSX port, but items locations differ.
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Quote from: Azkadellia on December 02, 2011, 10:18:33 PM
It's similar to the PSX port, but items locations differ.

I know enig's your source on this, but I'd like to independently verify this for myself. One of the things I noticed about the SNES version, having played it extensively, is that several of the rooms in the mansion get shuffled around each time you play, and that there are at least two DIFFERENT item placement layouts that are possibly random, or possibly determined by which death scene you see first.



Cool, huh? Too bad actually hacking the game is not as easy as editing an image.

I'm not hacking this.


Quote from: Klonoa on November 13, 2011, 08:46:53 PM

Pic #3 is an old pic so you won't see it in the hack.

@RetroHelix Yup.. level edits getting the hang of the editor. ^^

Looking good! I believe your the first one to actually attempt hacking Mega Man X... I wasn't aware that the editor was capable of making such changes... last I read, it was still very incomplete. Nice work, hope to see it finished.


I managed to get this game to accept ASCII and implemented a mostly functional VWF  8)


Very nice indeed! Loving that font.


If someone ever tries to translate Goemon 4, here are some font and graphic edits I did. I'll leave them here just in case they become useful and because by then, I'll probably won't be here anymore.

Font set I did. I took it from another Konami game, I modified it a bit to make it the same size and style as the original Japanese font as possible.

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Klonoa, you're not the only one attempting it, but it's nice to see someone who is. Let's see the pros do it first before a novice like me gets started.

...Actually though, I do have a Megaman X sprite hack in mind, but right now I'm trying Megaman Xtreme first cause it might be easier for me. This hack I like to call "MegaBenny: The Poor-Man's Pocket Edition For Those Who Can't Afford the Far Superior SNES Games." ...Or PMPEFTWCAFSSG. ...Seriously though, Megaman Xtreme is no where NEAR as good as the SNES games. I know it's a lower bit platform, but still it feels like they shoe-horned it onto the gameboy color instead of making a legit one. I feel like I'm playing the Genesis Pirated version of Megaman X 3.

...But I feel it's a better place to start due to the 8-bit sprites. First, I made sprites for the first four bosses: Frigid Rabia, Strength Torun, Wind Labolas, and Burst Kirin. (Note: These are all going to be based off of non-existent creatures.) ...I didn't have a 16-bit reference of Burst Kirin made up yet, though, so I decided to make one based on what I might make it look like if I ever made a hack of Megaman X 2.

Then I decided to make some fake mugshots for the bosses.

To the left.

Then I decided to make a mock-up using the main character I'm going to be using: MegaBenny, or MegaMiraj if you prefer.

And then, finally, I got busy. I spent about an hour fiddling with a tile editor and eventually I inserted my first full sprite into a hack.

Compare it to the mock-up above. Edit: I notice the horn and ear are higher in the mock-up, but that was my fault. I went over the height limit of the sprite before noticing, then I fixed it in the hack.

...Okay, it's not that impressive, but I just started hacking and now I'm getting into it. I figured sprite hacking would be a good place to start.


I bet this looks kinda crappy, right?

Gideon Zhi

It kind of depends on context - in this case, the general atmosphere/feel of the game it's The End of.


More like does the design of "The End" look bad? Originally when I photoshopped it, it looked ok, but then it changed a bit and I ended up trying to rectify it in the tile editor. Image editing isn't really my forte.


we are in a horrible and deadly danger

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Protip: scaling text down is always a terrible idea. If you can't manage to make that font look good at that font-size, pick a different font.


It's not anything to do with size; it's about a failed conversion to aliased text. Consistent stroke properties such as stroke width are an important part of text aesthetics. They are applied very inconsistently here.
we are in a horrible and deadly danger




Pennywise: does the "THE END" have to be in a specific size? Because I could probably get you a good one.


It can be a little bigger, but not by too much.


Let me see what I can do.

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Quote from: Chpexo on January 02, 2012, 05:39:45 PM

Where do the tree's graphics come from? Or did you make them yourself. ...Cause if you did, they don't look very natural. I think it should use a bit more rough shading.