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Started by Gemini, September 04, 2011, 09:02:29 PM

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Kiyoshi Aman

The colours aren't even relevant. That's a horrible texture to use for tiling, though.


That background looks like the background of a 1998 fansite using all html effects.




Okay here's the reworked change.  :P

Still not the final since I'm messing with the tiles.  :)

Gideon Zhi

I know I didn't comment on the earlier version, but I must say that this looks lots better!


Here's a pic of my CV2: Simon's Master Quest (a difficulty hack, that's a WIP) I've been foolin' around with for some time.
The upper screenie is the classic, of course. They're both "Veros Woods" with Simon at the same spot.

Of course, the ground tiles and the clouds need some work, but I've got that mostly done. Just needs some re-arranging. ;)



That's pretty cool. I have two suggestions for the graphics, though.
1) Get rid of the block outline on the moon so it blends better with the background. It looks really unnatural the way it is.
2) Redo the grassy tiles Simon is standing on as they blend with the background too much and appear to be part of it instead of the foreground.

Good job so far, though. I'm looking forward to seeing more. :)


Tales of Rebirth translation project.
Click the images to make them bigger.


damn that looks good :o how much hacking did it take to make it look that polished?


Well, it hasn't been an easy ride that's for sure haha.


Let's just say... lots of time to figure out lots of stuff. (And also all the translating involved.)


the font looks great, did you draw it yourselves or was it included in the game already?


It wasn't included, no. It was... difficult to perfect, haha! This game has an annoying palette. There's a shadow gradient behind every letter that fades out so we had to effectively mimic it.


Time for something a little different.


Looks nice. What game is it?


With a bit of logic and deduction, you could figure out the game. It's not like it's a big deal or anything, just a doujin VN about an amnesiac warrior woman or so it seems. My guess is it'll be released sooner rather than later.


Kiyoshi Aman

Christ. That second screenie looks like it belongs in a Castlevania game.



@Klonoa will your MMX hack feature fully edited levels or "only" graphics changes? Megavania is nice^^

Here is something from me:

So whats new in this pic besides the messed up text and some wrong colors? Its an รถ! (i know, bad painting skills...)
I'm messing around with Arc Rise Fantasia in my free time. Actually I was just trying to figure out the imageformat to rip the portraits of the characters but now I added a special character to the game (just to see if Im able to). It was a great help that the documents-section list a euc-table (nice one Kingmike) when you search for "table". I would probably still trying out to find the hexvalues for the japanese characters by counting from 0x80xx upwards...   ::)
I will fiddle around with this game whenever I feel like and document my findings.

Btw. this is not a cheated savestate. I got this much money by grinding, its a must-do in this game...  :banghead:



Which of those English fonts looks to be the best match (style-wise) for the Japanese font in that same image?