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Author Topic: DBZ game text compression  (Read 2488 times)


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DBZ game text compression
« on: January 02, 2012, 02:26:13 am »

I am new to this forum, being this my first post. I been reading a big amount of documents on this site, which have instructed me greatly. I never had the chance to ask my doubts, until now. In advance, I hope to obtain the expert advice from this community, and to contribute in any way.

It's been almost two years that I started a project on my own. The project intention is to have a 100% game of Dragon Ball Z with the Latin American dub voices. I been accomplishing this goal by modifying the audio files from the PS2 game DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Overall, I have full control of the game audio files. I can change the character phrases, attacks, music, menu sounds, etc. However, it becomes awkward to have a character saying a certain phrase and the menu subtitle showing something totally different. As I have always been centered on audio files, I left this section aside.

Recently, I have modified the story mode subtitles according to the new audios. To my luck the text was in plain ASCII and it was easy to change by following the guides at this site. However, when I tried to modify the menu text I found, to my dismay, a shorten and unreadable text.

This is an example of the compressed menu text. The letter "e" seems to be missing and replaced with "w". I tried changing the phrase, but the game freeze. Even changing a few letters the game does not respond.

This image correspond to the narrator text. As you can see this is a more severe compression. The selected text should read "El Saiyan Raditz" and the rest is the continuation of the narrator text. I have not tried to change a single letter from here, as I pressume the game will freeze if I do.   :-\

I can not identify what type of compression this might be. Not sure if DTE or LZSS.  :P

Any advice or help is highly appreciated  :)

I didn't uploaded the files, as I assumed that would not be accept it, correct me if wrong :)

Thank you.