The All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team Project - Ron-Chan's Adventure

Started by insectduel, December 28, 2011, 03:35:10 PM

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This idea should be interesting for those that are SMB1 hackers. No experience needed.

As an experienced SMB1 and SMB2J hacker, you have seen many great SMB1 hacks such as my afterworld 8, AP's aftersmb2j hack, YY's SMB hack, Acmlm's Strange Mario Bros, Googie's team SMB1 hack, Darkdata's Peach SMB1 hack and even more.

Inspired by An SMWC Production, the Insectduel team has decided to do An All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team project. Of course, I am the team leader and I will also take part of the project such as coding, level designing, graphics designer and even more. The team leader not participate in my own project means that's being lazy so I must take order in my own project. If you already know this, NO ONE hacked All Night Nippon SMB and there are no hacks of that game.

This link has the positions you can take part of the project. And even though I am on the SMB3-SMAS project, I can still insert any made levels to put into my rom.

This video shows that I have knowledge of hacking ANNSMB by experimenting. If anyone is interested to become part of the team project, you can join in starting January 4th, 2012.

You're not hacking ANNSMB, you're hacking SMB1 but all proceeds goes to ANNSMB. The reason why I chose ANNSMB because of the Mushroom Retainer which each DJ artist must be saved by Bowser.

Any questions?
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I'll be posting the status updates of the project every week or 2. So far World 1-3 is completed and approved. But I forgot to mention that I have the right to edit custom levels as well just in case it won't fit in or to correct them (such as putting stop continuations and scroll stops at the end). And no, I will not change level pointers.

Custom World 1-3 video of ANNSMB

The proejct is now ongoing since after the 4th of January, start signing up today. World 4 might be taken by another person but don't know which 2 will he do. There is a signup page for people that want to bulit your own SMB1 levels. But you must follow the rules and guidelnes.
Twitter, Facebook & E-mails only, DM's at RHDN won't be answered.