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Psycho Pinball music trouble

Started by Penta Penguin, January 10, 2012, 11:30:27 AM

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Penta Penguin

I have found the pointers to Psycho Pinball's music, which is located at $14450C, and finishes at $1446FC. When I change these pointers, I was hoping to get a real sounding music sample (Changing Abyss table music to Trick or Treat's table music) but it keeps the same instruments from the original place (Title Screen music changed to Creature of the Deep music, but keeps the same instruments from the Title Screen music, sounding horrible)

Is there a way that I could play the actual instruments from the same music by changing these pointers, or would I have to look elsewhere to find the instrument pointers?

(Also, I haven't found a byte to change the title screen music, or any other music in the game)