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Best DS sprite extraction program?

Started by Lilfut, January 05, 2012, 04:11:20 PM

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I am trying to extract the sprite files from the (Japan-only, in case that somehow makes a difference) DS game Claymore: Gingan no Majo. I know that it uses sprites rather than models, and I don't want to have to use a screengrab program to extract every single frame of every single animation. I've tried TLP and Tile Molester, but neither of them returned anything recognizable as sprites. What program should I use?

(Note that I am a complete newbie to hacking, and I probably missed something very obvious. Please don't talk down to me, like some other forums I've been to do when I ask stuff like this)


You could try The Console Tool. It's over in the Personal Project's part of the forum. If the game uses a pretty generic format for the graphics, you might be able to see them with the program :)

I'm not sure the old graphic editors like YY-CHr and TLP are going to be relevant much longer for newer games, because developers aren't as restricted for space like they used to be. They've been using plain textures and images for lots of things, where before they were in these packaged pixel formats that we could find with our editors pretty easily. The upside is that the more conventional the developers the get, the easier it is to get at their files--too bad this also means there's a lot less uniformity on how each developer handles their games now o_O


Thank you very much. I will try it and see how it works.


For now there are actually 3 program of choice when working with NDS:
-Console Tool ( in the personal project section of the forum)
-CrystalTile 2 (download area here or gbatemp)
-Tinke (nds romhacking thread at gbatemp)

CT can just show you the sprites if they are in the original format with header and uncompressed (apart narc/carc)
CT2 will allow you to decompress files that are compressed with the bios compressions but there is practically no tutorial on how to use it so or you get lucky and you get a private lesson from a guy like me or you mess around till you get an hold of it.
Tinke can decompress as well but it's more game specific meaning that if you are lucky and it has the plugin for the format you need, it will do everything for you but if it doesn't have it, you probably will not get much from it.


From what I have seen a lot of ds games uses their own custom archive file formats. They are usually not hard to deal with, but is definitely an obstacle to anyone who can't program.