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Author Topic: U.N. Squadron - Portuguese Translation  (Read 4377 times)


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U.N. Squadron - Portuguese Translation
« on: December 08, 2011, 03:14:24 pm »
I wasn't too sure about doing a project page for this. I get the feeling there's - deservedly - more attention regarding certain types of games (RPGs) and language translations (Japanese to English, and rightly so, since it requires a lot more work). In any case, here's my attempt at translating U.N. Squadron into Portuguese.

So far, I've mapped the tilemaps Capcom used for their alphabets, the ones used in the intro and after missions ("This is just the beginning...", which are 8x16), and in the MAINTENANCE, GAME OVER and MISSION CLEAR text (which are 16x16). Regular text is, uhm, regular. Nothing to worry about there other than translating weapon names and descriptions while retaining their context and application, along with creating an accented font (already done) and inserting it properly (done once, but reverted back to the original once I realized all the japanese names in the credits used k, x, y, z, etc. -_- ). With that in mind, here are some screenshots (as before these don't include a modified font yet):

Title screen

"Please Select Player" changed to "Select Your Pilot" (in Portuguese)

One of my concerns was the MISSION CLEAR readout, as it translates into MISSÃO COMPLETA. "Missão" is smaller than "Mission", so I just replaced the original. COMPLETA is obviously longer, but I've identified the bits that govern the message's screen position and length. I'm not sure if Capcom had something else in mind when they did this, but a couple of them let the text go beyond its apparent limit (the "!" in "CLEAR!"). I've yet to find out how far it can go, since I was too extatic just figuring out it could be done and didn't test it further.

Of course, doing so requires extra space, which I've managed to track at 806D, reserved for a Debug Menu. I don't think this will be an issue if the project is ever finished - my objective is to translate the game from a player perspective, so the absence of, or tampering with a debug mode doesn't really come off as detrimental to enjoying the game. And it's comfy enough to place the things I wanted the most.

Missão Completa

I didn't took into account the fact missions go up to 10, and that the extra mission is labelled EX. Because of this, I'll either move Missão forward, or Completa backwards so it lines up better, though Completa will seem misaligned in... the first 9 missions >_>

Only problem with that so far is that if I crash the plane and lose the stage, the pilot's picture becomes garbled as it fades away. At first I thought it was because of me tampering with the Score and Level readouts, but it turns out it's because of this. More things to fix, eventually!


Having "Pontos" display instead of "Score" is done now, thanks to KingMike, Gideon Zhi and Mauron's help. So I no longer feel like a stupid cow, but neither do I feel like a smart one either. Just a regular cow, I guess.

Options Menu

The Options menu biggest hurdle was dealing with a pet peeve of mine. In the original, "S.WEAPON" began two tiles before VULCAN and CHANGE. I've lined them up now, but I'm not too fond of the fact the text becomes misaligned by one tile with "Controlos". But it works so far.


Also done is the EXIT image in the shop. I'm not entirely pleased with it at this point; I'm thinking of shortening the A by one pixel column and enlarging the S by the same margin, and remove the R's lower right extension. These were based on one of Capcom's own alphabets in the game (much like EXIT seems to have been). Meanwhile, these are test runs for the alphabets (some positions will have to be readjusted):


I've also stumbled on what seemed like palette values for the HUD, and, either I was losing it at 3 AM or I stumbled on an offset that toggles enemy speed/aggressiveness regardless of difficulty. I'll try to test those later on, though.

What's missing:

*The "Press Start" message during the demo. Shouldn't be a hassle now, but I've yet to look into it properly.
*The "YOU ARE CRAZY" message when you finish the game in Gamer mode. Still unsure how hard it will be; it's basically the unicorn coming from the right followed by a stream of tiles forming the words:

*Fixing those garbled tiles on pilot picture fadeout.

December 13, 2011, 12:32:58 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Quick update:

I've had very little time to work on the game during these past few days but yesterday, while trying to track that message after the credits in Gamer mode, I believe I've solved the problem with the messed up tiles.

I felt like playing the game for a bit, see how the changes I've been gradually making were panning out but then I noticed it refused to play the demo. I went back and did some comparisons with previous versions and the earliest version where the demo was inaccessible was right after I repointed the HUD text to the Debug area in the Rom.

A quick file comparison between that and the original Rom and apparently, the problem was with a single byte I overlooked when overwriting the Debug area (so it wasn't caused by realocating Mission Complete, but was marginally related with realocating Score). Instead of a 00 at the end of it, as it should be, it was 0B. Once I sorted that out, the pilot's picture fade after crashing the plane no longer has any problem and the demo was once again rolling. It's fixed (until I break something else, eventually!).

I'm as green as they come, but I'm loving this.
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Re: U.N. Squadron - Portuguese Translation
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2011, 07:06:20 pm »
Glad to see this game getting translated. I was a huge fan of it way back when, and hope others can enjoy it as well.
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Re: U.N. Squadron - Portuguese Translation
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2011, 05:34:55 pm »
Thanks :) It's likely my favorite SNES shooter, if not one of the best ones for the platform, even. And I think learning how to translate works best if one is working with games they like, so, it's a win win.

I haven't posted any updates yet because I've been extremely busy with real life and work, and things don't seem like they'll change soon, though I'd like to say I already found the offsets for the congratulatory messages at the end (found it a day later after my last post, actually). The tilemap for these seems to use a funky coordinate system, but I'm getting there. Hopefully, very hopefully, this might be done or close to done by the end of January. I'll post some other screenshots as soon as possible too. For now: