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Boss Rush Castlevania: My 1st Hack

Started by Justice Colde, September 30, 2011, 10:36:15 PM

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Justice Colde

This is My 1st ever ROM Hack, So excuse Me if it looks amateur & lazy from the screenshots.

Castlevania... but with more boss battles and newer layouts.

This is a project that I decided to work on because... uh... well, I started on accident, really, But that's another story

Now to current info/features...

* Removes most enemies and walking by adding more boss battles (obviously)
* Increases difficulty while staying fair and avoiding kaizo tricks (as much as possible that is)
* Palette changes
* New level layouts (including boss areas)

The current progress is half-finished.

I apologize for anything wrong as this is My 1st ROM Hack & info thread.

Screenshots ahoy!
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Some more in-game screenshots would be nice. Good job, though  :thumbsup:

Justice Colde

Quote from: SBK on October 02, 2011, 08:34:58 PM
Some more in-game screenshots would be nice. Good job, though  :thumbsup:

Working on 'em, I'm trying to get the best possible shots.
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Justice Colde

Update: I finally fixed the serious bug that was plaguing this hack.

Now it's pending for release here on RHDN.
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There are several problems with this release.

You don't have a readme text file describing anything about the hack.

You don't state which version of Castlevania to patch (Castlevania (U) (PRG0) [!].nes or Castlevania (U) (PRG1) [!].nes) ?

At stage 17 (in the screenshot you posted,) There is no way to get off the stairway going down. You move down to one glitched screen, then if you try to move down to another, the game crashes. There is no way to advance.

I liked the concept enough to keep playing it enough to attempt to see the end, but in its current state it can not be finished.

Justice Colde

Yeah, I thought that I had already fixed the stair problem, But, It's gonaa take a bit of work for it but I am working on it.

So I take all that stuff into list and get a version 1.2 out before the end of the year.

Also, One thing that I don't know whether to leave out or not in the .txt is names for the glitched bosses.
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Justice Colde

Update: Version 1.1 is out and pending.

I also discovered another bug that made the game unwinnable, Dracula's data wouldn't load properly due to the height that I had set on the final level, So that's fixed.

Now it should be playable and beatable.

March update:
I apologize for claiming that this hack is playable.
I have been trying really hard to fix the stair problem and I have ran into a major computer issue that has caused Me to halt repairs on this hack (and cause Me to respond so late)
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All I can say it that it's a very glitchy hack. At best, I consider it to be at a very early alpha stage. It's not worth any serious release yet...

The first level has long and meaningless stretches of nothing. All bosses kill you in two hits, which is weird. The end of level 1 has two Phantom Bats, but the left one disappears as the screen stops to fight the second one. You get two meat items to replenish your life, assuming you don't slash the candles by mistake and you didn't break the blocks beneath them...

The first Medusa boss room has a very weird layout with very thin chances of not getting hit. Textbook example of fake difficulty. In the upper-left corner, there's a glitched knight, most of the time stuck and useless. And after beating the boss, you get stuck in limbo if you didn't catch the ball in time and it fell through the screen. The 3rd stage has a useless staircase where you are blocked by blocks. There are some inaccessible candles, or some that you can hit, but can't get the item inside. The Boss, another Medusa, is pretty much conventional, except for an inaccessible meat item, and very little space to maneuver...

And then I got stuck in the very beginning of the 4th stage, with an inaccessible staircase. Impossible to progress any further...