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Insectduel's SMB1 Hack 6th Anniversary Edition

Started by insectduel, November 18, 2011, 10:52:57 AM

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Didn't expect that there will be any SMB1 hacks posted this year! I have use one of my unused SMB1 hacks and tweak it a bit. Don't expect that it will be an easy SMB1 hack. This anniversary hack contains 12 levels without warp zones, bonus levels are limited and finishes at World 3-4. I did this within 10 hours as of yesterday til 3AM and I didn't have time to test it much except cleaning off bad stuff off the SMB1 rom BEFORE I create the IPS Patch. If you find any bugs, please let me know immediately so I can update it.

It's been modified with my own "ISD SMB Util" editor even though there are no SMB2J items there but I like to use the level editor in my own name. Most people started to use it and I get E-mails for these questions.

Screenshots and Download

Download from the Board 2 Uploader

Happy playing!

I will archive it to this website about Sunday or Monday.

UPDATE!!! 11/19/11

There was a bug in World 2-3 at room 20 and I change it's enemy pointers around World 3-1 at room 21 which makes it unbeatable. And have change Pipes that can enter levels into Pipes that cannot enter. Difficulty has been lowered a bit at World 1-2 and 1-4 for both Small and Big Mario. The old IPS patch is deleted and re-released it and change the download links at the Board 2 uploader which is a total of 22 downloads.

I have chosen to disable world select after beating the game. That was a easy find for my FCEUX's debugger.

For those that download yesterday's patch, please re-download from the Board 2 uploader. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

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