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Author Topic: Translations: The Port Pier Serial Murder Case Beta Patch Complete  (Read 5737 times)


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DvD from DvD Translations writes the following on "Port Pier Serial Murder Case," an NES game he is translating:

"After 2 years of working on this project, we've just finished the beta patch.  What this means is that the game is 100% translated and, as far as we know, 100% edited.  But, what we are doing with the beta is checking for any places people get stuck in the game we may need to change something in the translation or add something to the manual to help folks out.  We'd like to release the completed patch before the end of the year, but it will depend on how quickly the beta testing goes.

If anyone is seriously interested in being a beta tester, I MAY still be looking for beta testers. Contact DvD at his account with the name davedigiorgio."

He originally wrote this to The Whirlpool on December 15, he may or may not be still accepting beta testers as of this writing.

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