Nanashi no game (Nameless Game) patch 1.0 is out

Started by Auryn, October 14, 2011, 01:38:11 PM

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I just copy / paste the post of Nagato from GBAtemp:

At last we are ready to release the full patch.
Thank you to summvs, Ryusui, and G-Han for the hard work they put into this project. Thank you to our testers Sora de Eclaune and GhostCar for taking the time to play the beta patches and report bugs so we could provide everyone else with an even better release. And of course thank you to everyone who has been following and supporting the project.

Please use the following template if you would like to report a bug.

System: (Emulator or DS)
(If DS) Flashcart name and firmware version:
(If emulator) Emulator name and version:
Patch version number:

Days remaining:
Character's gender: (Male or Female)
Detailed description of bug:

Provide some context clues in the description such as text that was recently displayed. Include pictures if possible.

This is a list of things NOT considered bugs:
- Anything relating to UK English
- A player's name causing line breaks sooner than usual

Patch v1.0



Not familiar with the game, so I might just be speaking in general thought, but I would consider broken linebreaks a bug.  :P
Should make sure the longest/widest possible name can fit without error.
(okay, maybe this isn't the place to say that, but I just had to)
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The game is a scary game. It takes the theme of "The Ring" into videogame i.e. you play a game and you will be dead after a week.

It's not my translation but I know that they had many problems fitting the text on screen because of character limits and Nagato had to make heavy ASM hacking to get around this.
I don't know how good is his work and how well he solved the problems.

There are other strange things like:

That are apparently intentionally glitched this screens too but I never checked the original to see the difference.

Anyway the game itself seems very good and it's a Square-Enix production (even if this brand isn't a garantie like the old SNES/PSx times).


Quote from: KingMike on October 14, 2011, 07:35:58 PM
Should make sure the longest/widest possible name can fit without error.

That's what they meant. The linebreaks aren't "broken"; it's just that a linebreak has been preemptively inserted after every instance where the player's name prints so the formatting doesn't break.

Yes, by the way, the screens are intentionally glitched. Also, I did most of the English-language graphics for the project. The title screen, for one. Also that glitched little "7 Days Left." That's not the game doing that, by the way - I took the effort to replicate how each day's message was glitched.
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Very cool, I had always wanted to play this someday, I'm glad it got a good translation team  :beer:


It did. Nagato's a brilliant hacker, and summvs and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to translation (with the obvious difference that summvs is much, much better at it). The translation actually adds in a few in-jokes, like how the other name plaques at the apartment refer to the directors of famous horror game franchises.

Not that I didn't contribute a couple of things on the translation end. ミエナイモード ("Unseen/Invisible Mode") is "Blind Terror" at my suggestion, plus I couldn't resist rendering the final message as "We hope to see you again." Cannibal Corpse is such a fun horror font...much better than Chiller. Wouldn't have discovered it if not for this project. :3

And yes, that's Courier on the title screen. I actually managed to make Courier look creepy. XD
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I'm surprisingly positively and amazingly taken by this translation.

Didn't really have any interest in this game at all, but figured I'd take a quick look at it since "someone -for some reason- bothered to translate it."
Only really played through the first day, but so far I'm very positive towards it (both the game and its translation). Nothing that reads really awkwardly, things appear to be nicely translated, no really fugly technical problems, my "Bullshit!!" detector has yet to go off and so forth...

Excluding one line of text that I believe a friend of mine reported last night w/screenshot (some / LINE BLA BLA stuff appearing when looking out a window or something), I don't think I've seen anything that really stood out in any bad or unprofessional way. But if I really were to choose something to pick on ('cause I pretty much always do), I'd say someone could've probably been a bit more liberal with rewriting the spoken dialog and possibly tried to somehow add some sort of visual cue that makes it a bit clearer who's who in the written dialog (<Disclaimer>Maybe that's just being stupid</Disclaimer>). Anyway, I just sometimes feel the text (spoken dialog in specific) could possibly use some more flavoring (both in structure and appearance), but that's all stuff I think might root itself in the source material.

To anyone involved; nice job! Lovin' it so far.


Jeepers.  I thought this was one game that was supposed to be thoroughly, seriously, totally-not-happening unhackable.
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Yeaaaaah...I thought so too. That's kinda why I got involved.

Again: no actual hacking on my part. Sora de Eclaune sounded the call to arms; Nagato's the actual project leader/god-tier megahacker; summvs is the translator. Though I do take responsibility for the above-mentioned liberties.

I would've done my usual tweaking on the script, but I figured it wouldn't be much appreciated - as I've said before, summvs and I were pretty much on the same page, so I trusted his judgment.

It's slowly dawning on me that I am turning into the go-to guy for English logos and whatnot. Who would've guessed?
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