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Shinobi 3 hack [gen]

Started by Nemesis_c, October 03, 2011, 03:36:49 PM

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Hi. Someone wants to help with a hack of Shinobi 3?
I create a asm68k patcher (editor) and i need to need help with editing levels.
If someone wants to help - I will explain and show you how to edit levels.
Now the game is already added:
- new sound
- removed a regional defense
- first level editing was completed
- two 6'button joypad control:
1 joy:
A- block
B- fire and sword strikes (without block)
С- jump
Х- sword strike
Y- use ninjitsu
Z- air sword strike (from beta version)
Mode - scroll ninjitsu

2 joy (cheater joy =):
А- lives +1
В- shurikns +1....
С- ninjitsu +1
Х- super rapid fire of shurikens (upper)
У- rapid fire
Z- super rapid fire of shurikens (lower)
Mode - new game mode = play only against bosses

I am planning to add save ram into the game

Shinobi 3 - new control test (2 6button joy =)
Shinobi 3 [zadrot_mod] - first level was completed.

and just for fun - Shinobi the hedgehog 3  =)


wow good job buddy :thumbsup:, can you please give me hex HP ?


Quote from: shadow501 on October 03, 2011, 11:20:09 PM
wow good job buddy :thumbsup:, can you please give me hex HP ?
what do you mean? 006160:xxyy, its for easy game difficult, xx- is a number of lives, yy - hit points
FF37E9=xxyy, xx- max hp, yy- now hp


I mean, are you hacking game file: shinobi 3.SMD or only put codes in game ?  :huh:

Thanks advance 


Haven't tried it out yet, but any chance that this adds the ninjitsu spell that the japanese version had but the USA  version left out?