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World Driver Championship debugger

Started by Zoinkity, September 13, 2011, 01:35:17 PM

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  The zip contains a debugger patch for the north american release of World Driver Championship (NWOE).  Each of those patches is identical, but figured this way if one was a problem or you prefer a certain format there's bound to be something of use.
  You can only apply those patches to an unbyteswapped ROM.
  To use this ROM you must have an expansion pak installed (8MB, not 4MB).  Debug data will be written to this region.
  Printing to screen is a bit of an issue, filling the screen with data so quickly you really can't read it at all (and occasionally locks).  So, instead, made a buffer starting at 0x80400004.  The word at 80400000 is the current size of the buffer, and when that's exceeded it resets the buffer back to 80400004.
  Strings are all NULL-terminated and stored end-to-end with this format:
0x0   4   current COP0 Count (hex value)
0x4   var   string, NULL terminated

  The Count is included firstly so there's some idea of when each event occured but more importantly because you can then set a breakpoint with the Compare register on a subsequent run.