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Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Started by KingMike, September 08, 2011, 05:28:31 PM

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Apologies for the long absence... but I finally had to oportunity to look through the translated script thoroughly.

I found the script to be very faithful to the anime/manga names and terminology. With that said, the only small detail that I would recommend changing would be all instances that have "Okinu-kun".

Not only is the sufix "-kun" usually reserved for boys (Okinu is a girl), but also, in both anime and manga Mikami always addresses Okinu as "Okinu-chan".

Other than that, fantastic job! :thumbsup:

Now, finding someone willing to insert the translated script into the game... that I can't help unfortunately. :(

Maybe the people behind the SNES Goemon translations (Tom and DDSTranslation) would be willing to have a look? I seem to recall seeing Tom on Twitter asking people what japanese-only games they would like to see translated someday (doesn't necessarely mean they would be the ones doing them however).


Hello Gary_Oak!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and comment.

Per your suggestions I've edited the script and have made it available for download as "...English Script V1.04."

[url=English Script V1.04]English Script V1.04

Unfortunately this is as far as I'm able to help also!

I did however reach out to AGT Team not too long ago where they were kind enough to publish my interest in having this title translated on their website.

If DDSTranslation are interested in adding another SNES title to their resume please let me know and I'd be happy to reach-out.

I would be willing to sponsor this translation project (please feel free to edit this post if by saying so breaks any forum rules).

Thanks again!!



I am just re-posting a link to the English translated script (V1.05) following the last script-check.

This file is free to download for 30 days and I will make an effort to keep it available in the event any one/team is interested in picking this project up:

Sincerest regards!


So, it looks like the Youtube channel NintendoComplete put out a video with their own translation. I don't think it's a patch; they said that other people were free to use it in their own work (with credit, obviously).

Report 1 Confrontation:
"You're free to ride the train as much as you like, but you've been a bad boy."

Report 3 Confrontation:
"I'm sorry that you've been feeling so out of whack, but you've been a bad boy."

Report 7 Confrontation:
"It's fine that you're a figment of Yokoshima's dreams, but you've been a bad boy!"

Followed by:
"I, the gorgeous ghost sweeper Reiko Mikami, am here to guide you to the light!"

In Report 2, N県 S沢温泉ホテル is translated as "The Northern Serizawa Hot Springs Hotel".

In Report 3, after Mikami and Yokoshima's back-and-forth, "すんだ事をぐだぐだ言わない.。さあ、次はね..." translates as:
"Oh well, forgive and forget. Next up is..."

In Report 4, "おキヌちゃん、どうしたの" is translated as: "What's wrong, Okinu?"
"美神さん、ここの霊は悪くないんです。ここの霊気が歪んでいて、それで......" is translated as:
"Mikami, these ghosts aren't evil. Something has disturbed the psychic energy in this place..."
"大丈夫よ、解っているわ。さあ、危ないから後ろに下がってなさい" is translated as:
"I know, don't worry. Stand back, out of harm's way."


I asked, it's not a patch. Guys please, finally make
a 100% translation to this great game.



Thanks for the posts!

Really neat to see this play-through even if it isn't a patch.

It is nice to see there is still interest in translating this game!

I can continue to make the script I've been posting available, or even if it is from this vignette, would be nice to find a a team willing to take this project on.

Thanks for sharing and keeping this thread alive!!