SMB3-SMAS World Map Panel Tile Behaviors

Started by insectduel, September 08, 2011, 12:39:01 PM

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I want to create or find a code when the Quicksand panel (Tile $68) acts like a pipe panel (Tile $BC) on the map screen and vice versa. This is required for my project. It's because when a player uses the star in Tile $BC with the timer set, the music plays the roulette/N-Card game. And when a player enters any panel but uses a roulette game level pointer, it plays the star music. The panel tile behaviour RAM is $B3 (7E00B3) for SNES, $E5 for NES. But SNES is more important right now. However, I created a code where you enter levels with all levels panels on the map screen behave like Tile $BC.

Go to ROM OFFSET x118DCB (This is the headered SMAS (U) rom)

Change D9 9A 1E to 20 F0 A4, this jumps the code to ROM OFFSET, x11A6F0. Then enter the following, D9 9A 1E A9 BC 85 B3 60. This experimented code I created had all panel tiles act like Tile $BC and ignores MARIO/LUIGI START when you enter the level and plays music from another bank.

Another experiment is when I simply replace to the code x118DB6 by putting A9 68 85 B3 replacing the original and can enter all level panels INCLUDING spots where the hammer bros lands with Tile $68. When you enter pipes, mushroom houses, and spade panels will have MARIO/LUIGI START.

The main thing is how do I create or find a code that acts as 1 tile with Tile $68 with Tile $BC and vice versa? This is required so players won't be in confusion or encounter bugs in my project.
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