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Event Op-Code, Room Values how to figure out?

Started by Romsstar, August 29, 2011, 07:29:34 PM

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PSX Game - Digimon World

Just trying to widen my knowledge and get more into MIPS and stuff and I love to play with this game around.
Actually I would like to figure out:

1. How certain events are called, what the game exactly is doing there.

But I don't know where I actually have to set the breakpoint to be sure I got the right opcode.
Right when the event occurs, before it, or after it and how to actually figure out where to set the breakpoint to find out what exactly the game is doing there?
So many questions sorry.xD

2. Although I figured out how to decompress the graphics and pretty much change as much as I want I would like to figure out:
What exactly determines where you gonna land when you enter a new room and can you actually play with it and make a character go to a completely different place?
To change the teleporter or whatever to bring you to a completely different place than originally. Or even insert new ones on places where originally no porter have been?
And how?

Maybe it's just because it's late here and my brain is kinda dizzy right now but some help would be appreciated :)