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Rush 2049 3-4pl races + unlocked cheats patches

Started by Zoinkity, August 02, 2011, 03:22:05 PM

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San Franscico Rush: 2049 (N64) Patch
4-player races + all cheats unlocked

  Once applied, this patch will allow 3 and 4 player single races with sims, as well as unlocking practice mode.  As an added bonus, the in-game cheat menu options are all unlocked by default, so you won't need to enter the button codes to make them available.

  Only apply this patch to an unbyteswapped Rush 2049 ROM.  Remember to use the correct patch for the region.
NRUE-4p_races+cheats.xdelta   North American Release
NRUP-4p_races+cheats.xdelta   European Release
  To avoid any potential issues, it is recommended to only apply the patch to an uneditted ROM.  Any patch that changes the affected binaries or alters the ROM resource table will be incompatible with this patch.  The PAL patch relocates two binaries as well.

  If you have questions or concerns, especially if you need technical assistance incorporating either feature into your own patches, feel free to email [email protected].