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Support for English Characters?

Started by Penance, July 30, 2011, 01:11:27 PM

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I'm working on a PS2 game for sheer practice with the system, and I've run into something I'm not quite sure how to resolve. The game uses a fixed width font, so any Japanese I translate into English stays full width:  l  i  k  e   s  o .
I have noticed, however, that the game only supports ABCDEF and not ABCDEF etc.

How... difficult would it be to resolve this issue? Is it something as hard as coding a VWF into the game?


It really depends on how the game does things. Sometimes you get lucky and the game uses a width table with all the values set to the same thing for a "fixed width" font. If the font is truly fixed width, the easiest hack is usually a half-width font. So if it's 16 wide, making it 8 wide. Again, it depends on how the game does things. If it's drawing to a tile-based background, a VWF will be harder than if it's using a separate sprite to display each character. It will require an ASM hack unless there is already a width table in the game. The good news is that a HWF is a great starter ASM hack, and usually easy to turn into a VWF.
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