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How to properly generate a PSX CD?

Started by irecinius, July 26, 2011, 12:23:05 AM

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Hi, well I decide to give a little test on my things, and move from editing the little space I had on the ISO.
To extract and recreating the cd, with bigger files.

Then I tapped into a infinite well of problems,
isobuster kindly extracted most of the files, it gave some hickups on few of them, notably XA and STR, but even so it extracted partially.

From there I proceeded to edit what I needed, and simply use UltraIso to create a "PS CD" selecting the system.cnf file.

The game worked, except for, I had no audio on the Movies or dialogs/battle ingame.
Its fine to test the asm/script changes, but thats not what I want.

And here lies my question.. how to properly generate the cd?
I've learned the way to extract the XA and STR files, they are a bit bigger then the original, but they do play on PSMPlay.

So I tried to create the cd the same way using the ultraiso.. but using the good str/xa break the game, not the game, but whenever it load those files, it hangs.

UltraIso no good anymore,

I've tried the next best method, explained by Cless, using MakeCTI, BUILDCD, STRIPISO
Complicated, with a not even bootable cd!!!

Next thing was CD-Tools, I've searched extensivelly on the internet, there is about nothing on it, and their website is down, I tracked a old executable from November 19, 2005.
But since thats all I have, no DOC, no HELP no MAN... I gave up since there is no way I can figure out how that works.

Then I;ve found some newer tools
PsOne ISO Maker PRO - Unplayable
PSx CD-Gen 1.5.4 - Unplayable

A fun fact is that Cless, from the psx doc.. have this
"(I do know of a couple games (Tobal No.1, Tales of Destiny) that use some weird
method of having a file on the data track that also represents a CD Audio track.
I have no clue how you're to get around that with this method... (the files have
a .DA extension)."

well I have that too, I got around by dumping the raw same way with STR into the file, and that seemed to go fine..




If you have .da extention, you have an audio track.
Means that the cd is a mixed data/audio data.
It's probably possible you can listen to the music if you put it in your cd player from track 2 on (not all work and not listen to track 1).


Figured as much,

But if its not much to ask, you (or anyone), would have the pixel's cd-tools to upload somewhere with few documentation?.

I found out (Cless pointed out ^.^) that a group did a spanish translation of the game I'm working on, I'm looking here what they did and what used, but I'd like to try to do it myself if possible..

@Auryn, yes, I have an audio track, It doesn't work, and I not even sure what that track is for, I've found out that the voices/battle sounds are inside a XA file under the XA folder, called E.xa, V.xa

I tried creating a iso without the extra track to see what happened, game worked perfectly, nothing changed, so I don't know what is for, or even if its necessary...