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Help with Wii translation

Started by Broth, August 04, 2011, 05:33:09 PM

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1st of all I'm sorry if this doesn't go here. so let me start, yes I'm new, and would like if some one could teach me how to translate a game, I'm studding Japanese (5yrs now), i know hiragana, katakata and about 900 kanjis, and some medieval and military terms, and would be very happy to translate Xenoblade(Wii), Minna no Rhythm Tengoku(wii) Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos (PSP) and others to English/Spanish, i got some free time to spare in the projects, and i have already translated some things (light novels, doujinshis, and animes and fansubs. so can someone teach me or at least point me for some kind of tutorial for doing it alone? i already have the Japanese games and .ISO


I wouldn't bother with the two Wii games.
In case you haven't heard, Xenoblade is getting an English release in Europe in a couple weeks and fans have been petitioning Nintendo quite loudly to release it in North America.
I'd guess the Rhythm Heaven game is the one that's already been announced for official US release?
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i do mind, for the case of Xenoblade its not official yet the release in Europe, i do know of the massive movement (xenoblade, pandoras tower, last story) for bringing it to USA, but also Nintendo do confirmed not planing to bringing it here. for Rhythm heaven well the game actually has so few text that i don't mind doing it. and also i want to learn not just for those games, there are a LOT of games in Japan that will never see USA release, like the anime ones etc.. (PSP Queens gate, if you like anime, tactic RPG, and lots of fan service try it its awesome! XD)


From what I've heard it seems to Xenoblade is getting released despite what Nintendo of America said. Also, I saw this on GBAtemp for Rhythm Heaven Wii:

So that might be a good place to start.

Well as for other consoles and the many games that will never get released, I recommend starting with PSP and DS. Those seem to have the current biggest following, and you can manage to get a lot of help if you're a translator helping a group, whoever the hacker is probably can explain most of it.