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Author Topic: Sin and Punishment 2: Toshiya Yamanaka BGM Mod (requires Riivolution)  (Read 2621 times)


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(I am not exactly sure where this belongs, but whatever.)

I made a "patch" for the Wii game Sin and Punishment: Star Sucessor / Sucessor of the Skies (aka Tsumi to Batsu: Sora no KĊkeisha), which replaces the original music, done by Treasure/Konami composer Norio "NON" Hanzawa, with music by Toshiya Yamanaka, composer of the first Sin and Punishment, as well as the composer of many games created by obscure Japanese company Arsys Soft (but he also did other projects as well).

I created this mod in order to give the sequel a similar feel to the first game.  I specifically used music (even unused pieces) from Treasure's obscure licensed game "Dragon Drive: D-Masters Shot" (based on the manga/anime "Dragon Drive") - which Yamanaka composed, in a similar style to S&P1 - but a few, selected pieces from the first S&P are used as well.

Link here:
Link to the mod itself here:

Cutscene music and ending songs are left intact. This patch works on all versions of the game.  As with the Wii translation patches, a homebrew/soft-modded Wii and Riivolution is required.

- UJ1
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