7th saga graphics compressor/New enemies/New spells

Started by slidelljohn, July 16, 2011, 12:53:12 PM

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It has been a little over a year since I started to learn super nintendo assembly. The reason why I wanted to learn it was so I can redesign 7th saga. When I
tried to hack the graphics with tile editors I couldn't because they were compressed. I couldn't find anything on 7th saga's compression so I decided to
write my own compressor. I finally finished my compressor and my compression code works %100 perfect. It produces the same exact format that Enix used.
I didn't bypass anything in the compression like how it is done in other compressors. Eventually I will create a 7th saga hack with a lot of new enemies, spells,
towns, items and add more to the story to make the game more interesting. It will be awhile before I create a complete hack of 7th saga but in the meantime 
here is a patch showing a new enemies graphics in game for 7th saga. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NLUTDWHQ

Start a new game and fight a enemy outside of the town Lemel and you will see the new enemy in action. The enemy is from Mystic Ark (7th saga 2).


That's pretty cool.  What kind of compression do the games use?


There are a lot of different formats of compression for the graphics in super nintendo games so I am not sure what kind of compression 7th saga uses as far as
the name of it but I can give you a example of how it works if you want me to. I am sure 7th saga uses a known compression routine but I cant find anything
that explains how the known compression formats work. I wish there was some docs somewhere explaining how they work. Maybe I will write a doc for this format.


The compression technique is likely RLE, LZ, or some combination and / or variants of those. I'd be surprised if it was something radically different from either one.


Yeah, I figure that much.  Just wondering if it was anything special.


I love 7th Saga and I've always meant to mess around with its coding someday. Just... I never have the time :P So seeing this is really awesome.

I'm curious, is the enemy's shadow part of your new enemy graphic, or is that separate/created by the game based on enemy type?


The shadows are part of the enemy graphics.

I have finally figured out how to create new spells for 7th saga. Here is part of a spell that I have taken from Phantasy Star 4.

I have created a patch for it letting Lux have it when you first start a new game with him. You can use Dr.Fails hacking guide
if you want to edit the stats of the spell. In Dr.Fails guide it will be the first spell after Laser 3 (Empty) with a hex value of 08.
Here is the patch. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QDMYS0QL

Its just part of the spell from Phantasy Star 4 not the whole thing.