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Author Topic: Developing an editor for Megaman the Wily Wars / Rockman Megaworld  (Read 4064 times)


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Development of this Editor is going very well, infact I've been developing it all on my own with ease for the most part. This is one of my favorite games, and I'm going to make a high quality editor. I have one issue as of now, and that is compression (it is not keeping me from working on the editor however). I've only ever found compression used for the the level graphics (about half of the levels use compression), and I'm not so good at cracking compression formats. Sooner or later I'm going to need to find a solution to this issue, so might as well see if I can make some progress on that soon. Currently the editor loads uncompressed gfx from seperate files for those lvls that use compression, but this is only a temporary solution. I have a lot of other work to do on this, including learning 68000 assembly (so I can have more control over the game), and if someone could lend a hand, I would greatly appreciate it and I would of course credit you. Another thing I should mention is that if you add any data to the end of the file, the SRAM patch no longer works, and I don't know why this is, so if someone knows something about why it would do that, I could use a helping hand on that as well.

Info about the editor's so far:
So far the 8x8 and 16x16 Tile Editors have been developed quite a bit, and you can download a Beta version below if you want to check it out.
Mega Robot Laboratory v0.592 (Beta)
You can't yet save any changes to 8x8 or 16x16 Tiles, but there are some misc. options that can be saved at this time (change regions, game title etc.). Also, the editor will automatically add the SRAM patch and change what needs to be changed to allow modification of the game when saving using the "Save Game" option (normally it acts like it's corrupted if you try to play the game after altering even one byte). You can select multiple tiles at once in both the 8x8 and 16x16 windows, which will allow you to alter properties for multiple tiles at once (should be fully functional for the 16x16 editor now, however in the 8x8 editor you can only select multiple tiles at the moment, and I'm debating if there's any need to modify multiple 8x8 Tiles at once). No selection boxes are yet shown, but it does report the selected range by Tile number. Also note that the Pencil and Color Replacement tools are currently the only functional drawing tools in the 8x8 Editor at the moment (you can easily swap colors with the Color Replacement tool instead of having to redraw pixel by pixel). The highlight feature in the 16x16 Editor is undeveloped as of now, but will be next. This is still relatively early in development (at little less than half way to the first full release). I'm posting about this now because I would like to get a solution to the compression format sooner than later so that when the Editor is ready for a full release, I can have everything important fully implemented. If you would like to know more, feel free to ask anything as I'm very open to disscussing this. Plus if you have any ideas or features that you would like to see implemented, your suggestions / wishes are welcome. I will mention two things right now; Music editing is intended, but will be implemented (hopefully) later on. I will not make a feature to lock your game like Lunar Magic has. I think that's a bit too much. People should learn to not be so stingy about sharing (if you don't want someone to use your gfx or whatever, then just tell them when posting a hack), and that way you can't accidentally lock yourself out of your own hack.
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Re: Developing an editor for Megaman the Wily Wars / Rockman Megaworld
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looks really good, I wanna see some day some hacks of wily wars  :beer:


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Re: Developing an editor for Megaman the Wily Wars / Rockman Megaworld
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How is this thing coming along? I know nobody has replied but I am curious. I am looking forward to more things like this.

I guess this guy also has a thread over here:
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