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Namco Family Pinball translation?

Started by Legend, June 07, 2011, 03:38:20 AM

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but I was wondering if anyone knew how I could find the translation patch for Namco Family Pinball?

I was looking on the translation request page and it says:

"Namco Family Pinball (released as Rock 'n Ball in the US, but with any Namco references stripped out) [Already translated but RHDN will not host the translators work, so you'll have to look elsewhere.]"

I don't know if that means that the author is on bad terms with the site or what, but I tried googling it and had no luck. Anyone know where I can find the patch? Or at least information on the author or some other terms I could use to search for it?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I want to guess the author is probably InVerse, but I'm not certain. I know he was talking about hacking it before, and yeah, stuff happened between him and the site.
I don't know if he even has a website anymore, googling "Suicidal Translations" gets nothing.
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It's probably InVerse and I doubt there ever was a finished patch for it.


Anyone know how to contact InVerse? I tried google, but no luck in finding the translation or InVerse.


His AIM screen name is something like inversex.


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InVerse seems to be banned on Zophar's domain. No way to send him a message as far as I can tell. Unless he has an alias somewhere.


He has evaded his ban (like the troll he is) every time Reaper gave him the hammer. Trust me, he's still there. - Randomize your FF6 experience!


Wow. I guess he did do the translation and read this thread. Seems he decided o release it on Zophar.

I can see why he was banned though. He referred to me as "Some f-head is apparently inquiring about the translation on another board. "

Of course I didn't use his actual name he called me.

Anyways, here's the link if anyone else wants the patch. He uses some foul language and is kinda a jerk in his post though.

Thanks to everyone who helped in pointing me in the  right direction and getting him to notice and post the patch.