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Replacing text that stays. Pointer Issue?

Started by trumisery, April 29, 2011, 05:55:01 PM

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I am thinking this has to do with pointers but would like a more solid answer than think...

A line of text comes up (it is a shopping part of the game)... when you first enter the screen it is a welcome... then you choose either to buy or sell and the message at the top changes depending on what you want to do.  Some of the text remains though, and I am unsure wether it is a pointer issue or a text clear issue... the game is for the pc engine cd.

here is an example of what it does:

Need anything?
(Try buying something with no Gol)
Lack of Goling?
Anything Else?
(try buying again)
Lack of Golse?

So would this more than likely be a pointer issue calling it to keep certain text so other sections can remain smaller? The way the text is would be similar to:

00 is an end of item...

00Need anything?00
00Anything Else?00
00Lack of Gol00

Or could this just be something dealing with a clear?  This is 1byte text for a shop menu not a dialogue textbox...


It looks like a bug in the text printing. How are the original strings stored? If they're fixed-length strings padded with whitespace, the easiest way will be to simply duplicate that.
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This is the area where I am editing the text... this is the unedited one... the FF is a modifier for the 1byte sjis and the end of an item/line is 00 and 2E is just a normal . nothing special other than being a seperator... The CE B3 D4 00 are part of an item listed right before this. the 14 at the end is followed by FE 0D B7 7F FE 0E 2F 80 FE 0F A7 80 FE 10 01 81 FE 11 5B 81 123E 13 07 FF AA 7F 01 00

When going through untranslated/edited, the last few characters in the lines I mentioned appear to keep the same characters...


That doesn't tell me anything at all. I'd need to see what the highlighted bytes translate to in text.

Would "Not enough Gol!" fit, BTW? That sounds more natural.
In the event of a firestorm, the salad bar will remain open.