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Busted PS3 into emulation machine?

Started by Next Gen Cowboy, April 28, 2011, 02:38:00 PM

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Next Gen Cowboy

Ok, generally it's not in my nature to ask for help like this, figuring stuff out is half the fun, but I'm completely in the dark here. I've got an 80 gig fat PS3 that doesn't read disk at all - AT ALL. It's pretty much useless as a modern gaming machine, which is fine. It's old, been run into the ground, and I know what caused the error, and it was my/previous owners fault. My goal is to turn it into something that can run, and store my very limited but very fun SNES/SEGA collection. It's portable enough I could take it with me, and sturdy enough to withstand gunshots. I can hook it up in my room for nostolgic gaming experience, and leave the actual PS3 on the HD in the living room.

So, are there any actual emulators built for the PS3, is it anything like running them on a PSP? A quick google has shown me most of them are built for linux, I haven't reformated the PS3 yet, but it did come with the other OS feature. Considering that it cannot play games anymore, watch movies, etc. I have no qualms about resetting the system settings, never updating the machine, and therefor never signing online, or breaking the terms of service set down Sony. This is merely a project to turn a non-working machine, into something I can use and enjoy.
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You can run homebrew on your PS3. This includes various emulators (SNES, Genesis). All you have to do is a) jailbreak your PS3 using an USB exploit (hardware needed, usbdongle) or b) install a custom firmware. I would suggest you to search for "kmeaw ps3 guide" or "cfw PS3" on google and do some read up on the toppic.

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It requires some work and there are not emulators for all systems available.

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