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Cartridge Patching

Started by Buddysievers, April 20, 2011, 02:15:37 PM

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hi there i got a original starocean cartridge and a ntsc to pal converter adapter, so i can play it on pal snes in japanese...
but i want to play the english version from dejap, so my question is, is it posible to patch the cartridge ?!
if it is possible and not much more expensive than a flashcard then pls tell me how  ;)
thx in advance


No you can't patch an existing cartridge. Besides flash carts and copiers you can build a reproduction cart, but I think that's it.


It's possible to exchange the rom chip with a compatible flashed EEPROM with an image of SO on it but I think it's almost impossible to find a compatible EEPROM in 2011 and a flasher is not found at any corner either.
Anyway it's not 100% sure the translation will work on the original hardware.
If there is somebody that can help u, it's this guy but like u see he never completed the instruction for SO so i think that it's not working because of the DSP / S-DD1 chips or the way it was translated:

If u consider a commercial flash card, this one will not work alone:

Maybe in combination with this one and your original SO:

probably this one could work alone:

but if u look at the prizes, u maybe buy a copier that is cheaper and give u access to the most games:

if u are good with soldering u can check this out:

Last 2 chances are pc with emulator or pc with emulator connected to tv and :