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Author Topic: Some Questions on SMAS  (Read 2495 times)


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Some Questions on SMAS
« on: April 19, 2011, 06:31:09 pm »
I want to develop a hack for Super Mario All-Stars + World. The tools I'm looking at at the moment include Lunar Magic, yy-chr, and TileLayerPro.

The idea is to make a "Special Edition" of the game. Something more in line with what I was expecting from Nintendo for that Wii port last year.

Right now, given my current abilities/knowledge, I think all I would be able to do is implement some graphical revisions. Stuff like graphical changes from the Game Boy Advance releases or change other graphical aspects that bug me (the whole look and feel of the SMB port for instance, or incorrect palettes on the Koopalings in SMW, or give SMW's Luigi a whole new look).

And hopefully applying fixes like BMF54123's Brick Fix (if possible, I'd like to learn how to do that, rather than just apply his patch directly) and some SMW ones I found at SMWCentral (if they can be applied to the All-Stars version, not sure).

But, beyond that I'd like to:

1) Change some of the music from the SMB/LL ports. I'd like to take the NES mixes of the Overworld and Underworld songs, apply some stereo separation (by ear, I guess, to match how it is in SMAS), and then use SMAS's instruments. So.. the NES arrangement with SNES sound.
2) Possibly some slight textual revisions. Haven't looked too much into Lunar Magic yet, so hopefully I can change SMW's text with that. But for the other games... I've tried opening the ROM with a hex editor, wasn't really seeing much. So, there must be something I've missed.
3) Inspired by a NES SMB hack I found by YY, I'd like to replace the two player option in each game with a "Luigi Game" that allows you to play the one player game as Luigi, and also give Luigi some physics of his own. YY's NES hack added Luigi and his SMB2J physics, plus the character selection on the title screen. I'd like to do something like that. So, in SMB3, Luigi would have his physics from Super Mario Advance 4, and in SMW the physics from SMA2.

I don't know how to do any of those three things though. If anyone can can point me in the right direction, or give some tips or advice, that'd be great. Where should I look? How would I start?

All I've done so far are some sprite mockups. I want to get those out of the way first and implement those changes in succession. And after anything more intensive that may be required (adding music, physics, character select).

Any help would be appreciated.