IDA Question: Special Handling of 68000 A-line opcodes

Started by andlabs, April 14, 2011, 11:38:52 AM

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Hi. I've been trying for a while now to at least begin to reverse-engineer a MD game that uses A-line opcodes, generally used on the 68000 for syscalls (the game in this case is Star Cruiser, though I might see more in the future — I've seen Twinkle Tale use F-line). The only issue is that IDA 5.5 loads some default syscalls (I believe classic Mac syscalls) unless it detects another binary type (such as Amiga, Palm Pilot, etc.) and will stop analyzing if it sees an invalid syscall opcode. Is there a way I can have IDA just not process A-line opcodes and leave them as word definitions while continuing code analysis? Thanks.


Bah, figured it out: the list is at C:\Program Files\IDA\cfg\atrap.cfg; the file says what format it is in comments (hooray plain text config files!).