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Final Fantasy VII NES Project (Completed!)

Started by Lugia2009, April 08, 2011, 12:22:37 PM

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Quote from: Nerd42 on January 08, 2013, 07:14:33 PM

6. Check out the best Chrono Trigger hip hop album ever, cause it's the one I worked on.

Im not sure if you knowingly did so, but your album is 128kbps and peaks out at 16khz, obviously for a video game there is no need for lossless quality audio, but 128 is pretty compressed no 192 out there? or maybe maybe maybe a 320?


When I made that, I had no idea what a bitrate was and now it's stuck in 128kbps forever until and unless I remake it. I may very well remake it as I still have all the instrumentals and acapellas but I no longer have the project files. So for now, 128 kbps is all I've got on that one, sorry. My newer projects like Deltron 3742 and It's Pronounced Forty Two are available lossless, as will be all future DJ Nerd42 productions. :)


Hey lugia, are you replacing those enemy sprites with some more better ones? Like is vince replacing those sprites? For example: Some real robots in midgar?


QuoteHey lugia, are you replacing those enemy sprites with some more better ones? Like is vince replacing those sprites? For example: Some real robots in midgar?

I'm not working on the enemy sprites, Vince94 is.

I got a little further in working on the game. I finished fixing the events for Rocket town, now I just need to make a new map for the inside of the rocket. And I added in some dialogue to replace the Rocket flashback scene where Shera explains why Cid treats her so harshly.
Originally, the only explanation was that Cid hit the Emergency Shutdown switch and aborted the mission to save her life. But since the flashback scene was cut, it doesn't really make sense.

How does this look?

Shera: It was back when the construction of the Shinra #26 was completed on the day we were scheduled to launch the rocket into space.I was a mechanic on the rocket. While I was in the engine room working on the oxygen tanks, I found that some of the oxygen tank's diagnostic tests were not satisfactory.So I was rushing to finish my checks of the tanks and fix the problem so the launch would be a success.The captain told me not to worry about it.Finally, the time came for the rocket to launch,I was almost finished with the checks on the tanks.When the countdown to launch began, the Captain realized that I was still working on the tanks.He ordered me to leave,but I didn't listen.I wanted the launch to be a success.I knew that if I stayed in the engine room,the temperature of the engine room would rise to extreme levels,but I didn't mind, I just wanted to help the Captain achieve his dream. When it came time for the ship to launch, he decided to push the Emergency Shutdown switch,aborting the mission, to save my life.


I never really paid attention to the dialog in rocket town. I just skimmed through the text. The text looks good though. If you had to expand the size of the rom then forget it unless you know how to do that.



The freelance writer in me couldn't resist a quick edit of Shera's speech. Let me know what you think:

Shera: It happened the day Shinra #26 was set to launch. The Captain was so happy back then. He'd always dreamed of flying into space. I was a mechanic on the rocket and my pre-launch check of the Engine Room uncovered a leak in one of the oxygen tanks. Diagnostics indicated it could compromise the launch. The Captain told me not to worry, but I wouldn't risk failure. Unbeknownst to the Captain, I stayed in the Engine Room while he started the countdown. It was too late for me to join him in the cockpit when he finally realized I was still in the Engine Room. The Captain ordered me to evacuate...but I couldn't. Not when there existed the possibility of an O2 explosion. I stayed to fix the tanks, even though it meant I'd probably be burned alive by the Engines. I'd worked too hard for the launch to fail at zero hour. But as the countdown dwindled, and the Captain realized I still hadn't evacuated... he... he... silly man. He pushed the Emergency Shutdown. The Rocket failed. The Captain killed his dreams to save my life.


I like both of your speeches but I've got to admit that the latter one sounds better so you should probably go with it instead.
In the one you (Lugia2009) made, it sounds more like a narration read of a book than the person talking on her own.
But not saying it's bad, not at all! Nice work in fact!

It's just that seeing keithisgood give a new aspect to what she could say, I prefer that one to yours (but wouldn't mind it seeing in the finished hack either).
Pokemon Dark Energy is a rom hack based on Pokemon Silver. Like most pokemon hacks, it retains the pokemon stylish gameplay but has plenty of elements from other RPGs as well. You'd better check it out!


I like his version a lot better too.
I did find some unused pointers and dialogue space left over from the Gold Saucer Event Square scene, and if I need too, there's a large amount of extra space at the end of that dialogue bank. So I shouldn't have any trouble putting it in.


Yeah, I'm not much with HEX Pointers and ASM, but give me a manuscript and I'll edit the crap out of it. B.A. in English FTW!


Alright, if there's any more parts like that that need to be edited, I'll let you know.
Thanks  :)

The final map for Rocket Town is done:

And I added in the new dialogue for Shera.


What sprite was that unedited map taken from? Was it owens tower? I remember owens tower in(of course) final fantasy III was pretty much the only area where it was some kind of machine type of place. Probably the only map I can think of that didn't have FF3 graphics is the shinra tower with the warship graphics from FFII. They didn't even bother coloring it. At least they colored clouds hair though. Not really sure what they did with barrets battle sprite. Looked pretty good to me.


"Topic: Final Fantasy VII NES Project  (Read 97926 times)" someone should start prepping the cookies now, gonna have  alot to give out once we hit 100,000 Reads. chocolate chip, sugar, or peanutbutter?


chocolate chip, chocolate cookies, with melted hot chocolate and chocolate milk please.


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Hey everyone!
At the beginning, I was sent  some sprites through Dropbox (not the original FF3j ripoffs, someone else must have worked on them, they were new, and faithful to the enemies from the PSX game.) Are you going to use those, or are you waiting for me, cause I've been really busy with college, It's been more than I expected.


I can add them in if you don't really have the time, it's no problem. I know college can take up quite a bit of time.




So after this, its the temple of the ancients? The place is a freakin maze in both games but why a space area? I actually thought it looked pretty neat but it didn't resemble the first game like always. It was just some rip off from FF2 or 3. Not really sure. I remember there was a room with all those purple space background but I can't recall which one. I would figure they ripped it from FF3 since they know that game.

Anyways, about the house, its nice but a bit too light. Not that its a big deal but that's just what I thought with my first look.