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Super Mario Bros 3 Item Slot hack

Started by Dizzy9, November 14, 2013, 04:10:43 PM

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Hi all
Back in 2010, I invented this hack for someone for use in his own SMB3 hack. Sadly, that hack was never finished(although, it was about 95% finished, I played it.)
Today, I decided to release it. Why I waited so long? I don't know. I'm always afraid of releasing my hacks...
Anyway, this hack adds an item slot to standard SMB3 game. Hack utilizes priority system-when you get flower while having (for example) tanooki suit, fire flower will go to Item slot(replacing lower priority item). If it's opposite(you have fire power while touching tanooki suit) flower will still go to item slot and you will be granted with tanooki suit.
Long time ago I and a friend made a video of the hack:

Hack works with other hacks(with various issues, of course)
-Blue mario bros.(No issues here)
-Super Mario Bros. Chaos Control (no issues here)
-Super Wario Bros. 3(no issues here)
-Luigi's Chronicles 2(changes 4 tiles on the right bottom at title idea why. Otherwise-works fine)
-Frank's 2nd SMB3 Hack(No issues here)

You can download hack from here:

Apply it on Super Mario Bros 3 (PRG1).

That is all, I think.

Have A Nice Day!




QuoteWish I could play it.
You mean Item slot hack? Is it not working? :huh:

Or you mean That guy's SMB3 hack?

Also, my submission has been approved.
Link in first post was changed. Also thanks to MathOnNapkins for pointing out a few things...sorry for trouble.


Thanks for making this, when I'm ready to work on my SMB3 hack Toad's Trauma Show I'll be sure to use this... & of course you'll get credit...  :D