Help with a simple thing (Super Mario World, CTM Source code related,)

Started by Hamtaro126, March 22, 2011, 06:57:04 PM

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I am trying to make a version of CTM to work with Super Mario World, since MSU-1 is hard to implent,

Three main problems:

#define ROM_POINTER 0x00759F78
#define RAM_POINTER 0x00759F74
#define APUOP_POINTER 0x0043EF42

These are pointers to SPC, RAM and ROM memory, The difference is they are PC Addresses used by a specific debugger, But it's too hard on me to use one, other than go to you guys,

If you have CTM and a Super Mario World ROM, Can someone find a simple solution?
I Hath Returned...

BTW My username is not Hamtaro129. THAT IS WRONG, Please correct immediately or I will try to correct it myself!