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Author Topic: SMB3 (NES) - Starman disassembly question  (Read 2471 times)


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SMB3 (NES) - Starman disassembly question
« on: June 08, 2012, 11:08:21 am »
Hello, I may need help on this one! I'm trying to create the poisonous mushroom sprite replacing the starman and I got a problem with the starman sprite. I have tried to change it's location pointer at rom offset x2070 ($A060) and it worked which disables the flashing, but the main problem would be it's 1st jump after it pops from ? blocks and bricks. I've tried almost everything in the code breakpoint and didn't find the problem.

Then it come across with rom offset x2852 ($A842), NOP 5 bytes of a code and the Power-UP Mushroom and the 1-UP mushroom both make 1st jumps before landing on the floor after popping up from blocks. So how do I make the Starman do the same which it would NEVER make it's 1st jump like with Mushrooms?
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