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Font problem on Ar Tonelico

Started by XXVincentXX, March 17, 2011, 06:45:07 PM

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Hi, im translating Ar Tonelico to spanish and I have a problem, actually I have
access to the font and script for extract and insert, but I have a problem when I
wanna insert new characters in the font file extracted ( in bmp)
the problem its that the characters of japanese that I wanna overwrite have
more width that the normal ascii symbols ( a b c d, etc)
and when I put my news symbols like á é
appear like this:


You'll have to find the width table for the font. It will usually just be a bunch of single byte values corresponding to each letter in the table in order and you can just find it by searching in the hex editor. Alternatively, you can use a debugger to trace where the game is getting the width table from.
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