best game to mod to make fallout 3-type game?

Started by qwertyqaz3, September 22, 2013, 11:00:13 PM

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hi, this is my first post so thats why its probably stupid sounding. well, on to business. i have no coding skills whatsoever. but, i still want to make a game. so, i thought, maybe using tutorials and utilities to hack a game thats already there would be best. so, the game im wanting to make is fallout 3, but reimagined in a different game. i was wanting it to be like zelda: a link to the past, or the minish cap, but without swords and more guns. i thought the guns would be easy, i would just have to get a magic projectile weapon or a bow and mod the rate of fire and sprite. but then i looked for utilities to mod these games into a topdown shooter. sure, i found level editors, and i found script editors, but nothing to mod the items and sprites. so, my question is, what game, preferably 16 bit, would be the best to make a fallout 3 type game? it would have to have alot of support from other modders, and lots of tutorials and tools for it. and it can be any genre. the game im making doesnt have to be an rpg.

p.s. im also planning on playing this on a psp, cuz ive got about 30 people that i know personally that would thank me for giving them a fallout 3 type game on there modded psps.


A hack can be more difficult than make a new game using
some editor like rpg maker/game maker.