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Video Tutorial to hack Team Innocent PCFX

Started by esperknight, February 06, 2011, 10:31:48 PM

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Hey all,
I created a video tutorial on how I went about to extract the script for Team Innocent PCFX.  This is aimed at more advanced newbies who are familiar with the basics in romhacking, maybe tackled some games on the NES or GB and are interested in more advanced techniques as well as hacking the PCE or PCFX (as the techniques are the same for either system).  Also, this is just an introductory video to this topic so nothing too advanced yet.  I do plan on going to other advanced topics later on though such as compression.

Any feedback is welcome harsh or good and questions as well (I wouldn't mind if you posted questions with the video mainly so others who stumble on it won't need to ask the same).

Lesson 1 - Hacking Team Innocent PCFX (Part 1)



Just wanted to mention that this video is really cool! :)  Reminds me a little of Slowbeef's account of hacking Policenauts. It gave me a good look at the mednafen debugger and some ways it can be used. It makes it feel approachable. It also introduced me to the idea that stuff can be addressed differently on disc from when it's running in memory.

It also has a secondary implication, we're working on Team Innocent. :)


Awesome stuff esperknight, looking forward to future videos :thumbsup:


Thanks!  If you have any game suggestions with topics to cover I wouldn't mind hearing them or just any topic in general.  I'll definitely do one on finding and reversing a compression scheme but wouldn't mind hearing others.  And also I think on using the VRAM or VDC (PCE) for finding the text (if a relative searcher fails you) or maybe finding the font itself if compressed.


If I had any complaints, it's that your voice is really really quiet - or it's being drowned out by background noises. Very interesting watch.


Sorry about how low I sound.  It's odd as on my speakers I have them barely up but can hear myself fine and others hear me fine as well.  But I'll make sure to speak louder next time.  Thanks!


Super sweet idea esperknight  :thumbsup:

Sometimes it's better to see something in order to understand it, as reading alone doesn't always help/give you the right idea.

Thank you  :cookie:
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