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Street Fighter Alpha 3 CPS2 ROM Hacking

Started by MysteryMan3D, February 19, 2011, 07:30:16 AM

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I want to see if anyone can hack the ROM for the CPS2 version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, and remodel it so that it's like Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper on the PS2 Alpha Anthology.

Why do I want this? Well to put it short and simple:
The upper edition has everything I want in a Street Fighter game, the original version doesn't.

Plus I would like to have an authentic arcade experience of Upper and also have it run well on my lower-end machines. I do have a high-end machine, but I'm just saying:
-The PSX version is good, but it's not arcade perfect and it can barely run at full speed on my netbook (FinalBurn Alpha runs on the same netbook with no trouble at all, even with CPS3 games).
-There are some Dreamcast emulators out there that can run the DC version, but they need a fast computer to run without trouble, plus I hate the Dreamcast's distorted 2D graphics.
-SSF can run the Saturn version, but it's even slower than the Dreamcast emulators, plus the game's in Japanese and the emulator's not portable.
-Even though there are NAOMI emulators that can run the Japanese NAOMI version, but they're all glitchy, and again, it's in Japanese.
-The GBA version is OK, but it doesn't fit my quota of "authentic arcade experience" by a long shot.
-JPCSP can run the PSP version, but not without problems.

Which brings me to making this request. Is there anyone on this site that's good at CPS2 ROM hacking? If not, then do you know of another site that's good at it? Now that I think of this "Upper" hack, it would feel good to see it become a reality...


Well, technically possible yes. I imagine it would require very heavy ASM hacking to add all the extra characters, movesets, ect... But to find someone with the skill to do this.... is another story  :(. Not to mention it would require many TONS of work (which could take a very long time to do). :(

Unless you know some Street Fighter fanatic that is good a programming, ASM hacking, graphic editing, wants the same as you, and has the time/patience to do all of it, then don't expect to see this anytime soon. It's be nice to have Capcom make it.  :laugh:  I would want something like this for the Saturn version  :P

If you ever become some sort of super hyper mega ultra hacker capable of this task, you could make your dream a reality and share it with the world. 

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