Tools which can extract and import from(to) NCER,NANR,NCGR,NCLR format

Started by KarlYu, February 19, 2011, 03:16:25 AM

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Hi, all

We are trying to translate one NDS game into our language, but we found most of the pictures are stored with NCER,NANR,NCGR,NCLR format.

I just want to ask if anyone has the tools which can extract and also import the pic.s from this type? or we just only can do it manually


Unfortunately, there are no tools currently existing which can automate the process - but the formats are so well-documented that it should be a simple matter to edit them in Tile Molester.

That said, only the NCGR files contain actual graphics data - NCER files contain tilemaps, NCLR is palettes, and NANR is animations. You shouldn't have to edit anything but the NCGR files - maybe the NCERs, if you need to rearrange some things.

The Console Tool should help you at least identify which files need to be edited.
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You might have some luck with crystaltile2 (there is a little DS icon on the bar at the top right that brings up the DS file system, find your NANR and other files in there and right click on them. Various options exist here.

Also there is are a couple of Susie format plugins that can open such files.



I tried CT2, but it doesn't support NANR&NCER, when right clicking the file on file-system-window, it shows '?', but for NCGR & NCLR it shows 'load it'.
I used the latest version of CT2.


You don't need to edit NANR or NCER unless you're going to be making major, intensive alterations to the graphics.

NCGR contains the actual graphics data, NCER contains how those graphics are put together on screen, and NANR involves animation. You might have to deal with NCER if your graphics don't fit into the same shapes as the original, but you'll probably never have to deal with NANR.
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Ok, I got what you are meaning. But it still need us to tile the tiles to a viewable pic., right?


Crystaltile2 does have a NANR/multimedia function as of a few releases back-> right click -> Multimedia editor should do it (it is on the tools menu of the various "sections" as well). I could not get the animation working properly with my test rom (not that I tried very hard to do anything) but it displayed a bit of it and some other things had errors in tile mappin (not that it really matters but my test rom was Jigsaw World - Daigekitou! Jig-Battle Heroes).

It does not play well with compression but if you rebuild the rom with uncompressed files it seems to get better and start playing ball. Probably not good enough for release grade hacks but for spriting and the like you should be able to get something done.