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Author Topic: Newcomer post which doesn't belong to the newbie section. About SMB Hacking.  (Read 2090 times)


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Hiya folks. I'm w7n here, and I already have a hack submission and a doc submission at RHDN. I've been active in the Baidu SMB Bar(a Chinese community) since 2 years ago, but ever since the admin there banned the distribution of the 'spike' IPS, the community went into chaos, so I'll try to stay active here.

Some time ago I learned ASM and I have some ASM projects and unfinished WIPs here. A complete project named 'Lost Mario' can be found at my home page. One unfinished project is an action-puzzle game, which includes both left&right scrolling within 2 pages, and koopa shell breaking bricks and hitting hidden blocks, and tunes which use DPCM samples. Only the levels and the 'Game Clear' BGM are unfinished now. I have another unfinished project, meant to be huge, but currently I have only expanded another 32KB into the ROM, and only <10KB has been used. The WIP of the latter project includes auto scrolling(that's ATA's patch), a 7-level Mario upgrade(6 complete), and various other patches. The expanded part only includes Mario's 'Let's go!' voice at the world intro screen, and a VRC7 music processing system(incomplete, and cannot run for the time being). All BGM are composed, though.

What I'm going to talk about here is the latter unfinished project. Personally speaking, no better project than Extra Mario Bros has been released since 2005. Has anyone had the idea to create a real advanced project? Consider making use of expanded memory($6000-). Consider a cutscene system based on the original system. Consider cancelling the gravity routine for hammers, and design 'spell cards' using hammers. Consider a VRC7 music processing system(and simply change the value in $FB to choose which BGM to play, if required by the cutscene system).

I'm not trying to find someone and then leave the project to him, seriously. I'm just providing an idea, and also looking for ideas and information. If anyone wants to join, I'm honoured. I have been working on this, but progress has been slow and continually delayed since I'm a sophomore.

PS: Are there simple ways to contact other members?


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PS: Are there simple ways to contact other members?
Private messages?