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Chrono Trigger Item Slots Editing and Stuff...

Started by ChronoMoogle, February 18, 2011, 09:57:45 AM

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I got a problem about the item slots of Chrono Trigger. If I edit them with the Companion Editor, some slots seem to have disabled options.
I saw the menu in Temporal Flux, where you can manipulate the Hex Code of them... So what do I need to do to expand the options for them??

A second question are the special effects of equipments... Is there a list of them? The first question is more important at the moment, though.


It's been a while since I did anything with this area, so I'm going off memory here.

Item names are stored in one list. When you go into an equip menu, it loads a pair of values, the start and stop for that equipment type. There are some acceptable values that will be skipped.

For this reason, CT:EC only enables the options that apply to that item's default equipment type.

0C29D7 0C2A02 DATA Stat increase amounts for equipment, 2 bytes each, 22 total

The first byte is bit flags for the stat type:

01 ???, possibly reserved for special effects
02 Magic Defense
04 Magic
08 Evade
10 Hit/Strike
20 Stamina/Vigor
40 Speed
80 Power

00 - nothing
01 - Speed +1 ($89 Gloom Helm, $95 Bandana)
02 - Hit/Strike +2 ($96 Ribbon)
03 - Power +2 ($97 PowerGlove)
04 - Stamina/Vigor +2 ($98 Defender)
05 - Magic +2 ($05 Red Katana, $99 MagicScarf)
06 - Magic Defense +5 ($66 Lumin Robe)
07 - Speed +3 ($9B Dash Ring, $7A Taban Suit)
08 - Hit/Strike +10 ($9C Hit Ring)
09 - Power +6 ($9D Power Ring)
0A - Magic +6 ($9E Magic Ring)
0B - Magic Defense +10 ($6A ZodiacCape, $6D Moon Armor, $8B Taban Helm, $9F Wall Ring)
0C - Power +4 ($AC PowerScarf)
0D - Speed +2 ($10 Slasher, $79 Taban Vest, $AD Speed Belt)
0E - Magic Defense +15 (UNUSED)
0F - Stamina/Vigor +6 ($B4 MuscleRing)
10 - Magic +4 ($40 Rune Blade)
11 - Magic Defense +12 ($B5 Flea Vest)
12 - Magic +5, Magic Defense +5 ($B6 Magic Seal)
13 - Power +10, Stamina/Vigor +10 ($B7 Power Seal)
14 - Magic Defense +5 ($63 Dark Mail)
15 - Magic Defense +9 ($86 Prism Helm)

Hope that helps.
Mauron wuz here.


These are unbeatable informations! Thank you really much, that helps a lot.
Are there also values for special effects like haste, status protection or shield?


QuoteAccessory $A8 Third Eye (Evade x2) is a great example of an item that has special code to handle it. The checks are located at the following addresses:


All three blocks of code serve the same purpose, but are for different areas (battle, menu, and shops).

I don't know if there's a pattern for editing those, unfortunately.
Mauron wuz here.