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.Tim PS2

Started by viperzerof-2, February 18, 2011, 11:30:33 AM

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I found out the game Ace combat 04 for the ps2 uses a modified .Tim format
however I have tired every tool I could find to extract the files but nothing. does anyone know what I did wrong?

I have the games main archive here if someone could take a look and tell me if its possible using another tool.




I gave u 3 different threads with topic about tim2, in one of them i saw links to at least 3 tools.
The last one is about ace combat 5 that probably isn't much different then 4.
And if u search for tim2 in google, u will find at least 2 other boards with tim2 as topic and one of them has even a tutorial about them and how to look for them.
We are not here to make your work...u have to show u really want to do something yourself ;)


I should clear a few things up

of the three tools only texter was an extractor the other 2 were game specific and a converter.

the game i am looking for is ace combat not front mission

ace combat 04 uses some kind of modified Tim (not even sure if it was tim2) while ace combat 5 uses a modified bitmap.

I never asked someone to do this for me only if I had misused the tools on the site as I have tried them all and if what I was trying was realistically possible