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Author Topic: Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigation in FRENCH  (Read 6418 times)


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Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigation in FRENCH
« on: February 13, 2011, 06:54:48 am »

I work as a translator, I'm a big fan of the Gyakuten series, and as many of you might know, although the first four games were in Europe translated locally (i.e. German, French and so on) the 5th game is only sold as in its American version (it might have been edited to correct spelling and collaquialisms into British English, I don't know)

My (old) mother does not understand English, and got very interested in the Phoenix Wright series, as if they were good crime novels. (who could blame her?) Since our elderlies deserve a good game too, I was thinking of undergoing the long process of translating the american rom for Miles Edgeworth investigation in French.

I know little or computers, but I can use one, follow a tutorial, patch roms, customize my kernels and such...

However, I am a skilled translator...litterally speaking.

Does any of you know
_1)if there is an ongoing project of such translations, so I can join the team?
_2)if there are editors/compilers for the rom of Miles Edgeworth (US version)?

3)Or maybe some of you might be interested in forming a team (and in recruiting other natives of other languages, we might do a proper European rom?...)

I am open to any suggestions, links to tutorials and/or utilities.

And to all project partners.

I thank all good volunteers in advance, and any contributor for his/her ideas and tips.



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Re: Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigation in FRENCH
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2011, 09:09:15 am »
Hi Choky,
u are looking on the dark side of translation  :'(
Sort of :p
It seems that the serie is cursed because all projects that had something to do with this serie, died over time.
For this game, what was looking like the best start, was this:
Italian, german and french translations on the way but like u see, the post are a year old.
I don't know what happened to them, the table looks ok, the first sketch of the control codes doesn't look so bad either so what i can think of is that they got tired of translate it, got some technical problems or problems with the graphics.

The french claim to have a first patch about 6 months ago but never saw it somewhere:

I am searching all the technical data i can find on the serie to put into my site:

and try to help Kion at the same time:,12139.0.html

Now it's your choice: u can wait and look if somebody finish those translations, u can try to contact those french people, u can try to translate on your own.

PS: it's looking like PWSE will not work with AA-Miles Edgeworth and u don't need it because the text is uncompressed.


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Re: Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigation in FRENCH
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2011, 09:04:55 pm »
Thanks a lot for these helpful hints, and links.

The Italian translation seems to have fallen back.
The Spanish, German and French ones are going on.
I joined the team working on the French project (I can't exactly figure out how I've managed to be completely unable to find their forum before.)
But the page you found is actually the old one, and there were 2 changes ever since this site was closed, so it figures, maybe they remain under radar from google and co.

Anyway, despite the technical difficulties you mention (and you're right, even if I knew enough in programming (which is not the case, at all), this would be too big a task to do it on my own.)

But as far as I can see, the translation (that's my trade), though huge, is possible. And the team will only realease the finished work. It's going on, and the different successive patches are for work in progress and tests only.

However, they're out, and working (for the parts that are translated), and so far, the feeling is that the work is worthy of a professional team. The time it takes, though, and the low number of people involved (say roughly two dozens or so, tops) is what hinders the project from being faster.

But from what I've seen, and how enjoyable these past few days of working with the team were, I must say I guess the result, when finished and eventually released, will be better than whatever capcom did with the actual releases they had translated in French for the market.

French speaking people will know what I mean. For English speaking people, what I'd say is this:
-ever noticed in the first Phoenix Wright trilogy there were typos, or merely forgotten whole sentences here and there, or poor grammar?

Well, spelling in the official Capcom French aimed original trilogy was of the sort.
But at least, it got better, with fewer, smaller mistakes, as the games followed.
By the 3rd it was almost pristine.

What was good, though, was that it was better than English for those who do not understand it (obviously).
Plus French is one of the rare, if not the sole, release(s) where the names were translated, puns and all, as it was from Japanese to English. That's a plus. And I can kind of figure why Capcom did not bother so much work when the games sold, but not as good as Mario, Sonic or FF/ DQuest. Plus the French market is small.

Anyway, the French fan-translating team will be even more thorough than Capcom was for the officially translated releases, and the patches will not be available before the game is completed. So only the best will prevail.

For the information you gave, Auryn, thanks again.
And if you are asked by someone else on the topic, or happen to give any piece of advice to someone else wondering: the project is slow, by its inherent nature and difficulties, but going on, and very promising.

BTW, to give some scale of the progression the 'developers only' patch they talked about 6 months ago was (I'm not sure but it seems likely) patch 1.1, they are at patch 1.3 now. Still a work in progress, but just as the turtle in the fable: slowly, but safely, and efficiently.
Plus, since the releases are, until it's done, for developers only, there are no public announcements, nor claims, to be made (I hope I do not break some rule by just telling the project is still ongoing) The secrecy is especially important since the work is so thouroughly done it should not be stolen.
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Re: Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigation in FRENCH
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2011, 02:54:03 pm »
WOW!! what an euphoric post  :crazy:
Good u found the way and help u needed.
My site is still in progress too and actually I am "assisting" 2 translation project on the serie too (portugues and arabic).

For the under the radar thing, i find almost every day new sites around the serie with different projects too and even finished so I am not surprised that u didn't see that one in your search.

The game is actually not so difficult to translate if u spend some time figuring things out but it's sure a long work.

U said that the group have only a view people working on the project?? And u say about 2 dozens?? The only thing that involved so many people in actually 2 projects, was the translation of FF7 psx and pc together.
I think the most translations are made by teams of 5 and less, bigger projects maybe 10 or less!!

I didn't play it in french but it's good if its being corrected now. I played one game in italian and 2 in english, sometimes playing the 4 in english again.

Anyway, if the group can provide me with document to complete my site, they are welcome.
Example list of control codes, list of animation, list of backgrounds or file maps (what u find at offset xxx in a file) etc...

Good luck with the translation.


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Re: Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigation in FRENCH
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2011, 03:09:08 pm »
Two dozen is a small team :o Most translation projects are done by one translator and one hacker.  ;)

Good luck with this.
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