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Questions about tables. (I have tried google)

Started by LusciousFox, February 09, 2011, 05:16:32 AM

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I'm very new to Rom hacking but I can understand some of the fundamentals such as Binary, Hex and Decimal conversion and a bit of C++.
I have made a table of Pokemon yellow from a-z but I would like to completely dump all of it's font. What I mean is I want to build a table for new lines, 0-9, $!?, etc.

I read the old guides on table creation, checked out datacrystal and googled several things relating to table making for rom's but I didn't get far. I also checked out older posts here clicking whatever looked like it might help (do you guys have a search button somewhere?).

To try and get some of these more elusive entries I got tile layer pro and sifted through the tiles for the font. I'm not sure if I'm just a blind fool or the roms compressed but I couldn't find much relating to the font. What I did find however was a series of A~H or so tiles that had half the letter per tile.

arranged they would be like  T   but since one letter fits across two tiles I don't think they are the font but rather something else (like the pokemart sign I found).

I am asking for help on building tables beyond the relative search method.


Have you tried using the plus and minus keys to scroll by byte rather than tile? Graphics are under no obligation to be conveniently tile-aligned.

Also, try viewing the ROM in 1BPP mode. The font is purely monochrome - they might have tried to save space by storing it in 1BPP mode instead of 2BPP.

Alternately, if you're running BGB or a similarly well-featured emulator, try viewing VRAM while text is displayed on screen. Some games will copy only the character tiles they need to VRAM; others will copy the entire font and update the tilemap as necessary.
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Thanks, this answers my questions exactly.
I'll download BGB now since the emulator I use is just gpSP Kai, a PSP homebrew app.

BGB is working great thanks! I have mapped nearly all of the font.


By the way, the  search button is just on the center on top of the forum window...just below the date :p


Hmm, yes sorry about that it turns out I need to log in to actually see the search button. Weird.