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Help extracting script from NDS game

Started by Zarxrax, February 07, 2011, 01:08:24 PM

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I am very interested in obtaining scripts from the game "Little Charo" for nintendo ds. This is a bilingual game intended for teaching English to Japanese children, but I find that it also works quite well for teaching Japanese to English-speakers. For that reason, I need these scripts so I can study and learn from them.

I was able to unpack the rom and find the scripts quite easily, but I dont understand the format that they are stored in. Viewing them in a text editor, I am able to see bits and pieces of the English script, but most of it looks like gibberish.

If someone could assist me in converting these scripts to plain text, I can possibly offer you payment, or perhaps help you with a translation. (though I am only an intermediate-level Japanese learner, so no guarantees as to the accuracy of my translations)


WOW!! Sweet game :p
I don't think it really can teach u japanese but ok.

The text is pretty sure compressed in one way or another. Try to go check the nds/gba decompressors section in and try to decompress those files u found.

I can't really help u on the translation because i can't really japanese well.


I cant seem to find any section like that.
The files are stored in some format with a .pck extension.

And there is no need for translating, the game is already translated.


 :'( fault...there is not such a section but the choice of tools for GBA and NDS, is not so big...parse it and u will find at least 5 different programs to decompress the standart GBA/NDS compressions.

Anyway I am not quite sure what u want with the script if u not translate it  :o


As I said, I want the script so I can study it.


do u think that the script will have a format like:
japanese sentence > english sentence 
or similar??

I can tell u that it will probably (90% up) not be like that.
The 2 text will probably be in different files.


Well I've got the files, and there is an EN file and a JAP file.
But a weird thing that confuses me is that I saw english in the JAP file :\

I think it shouldn't be too difficult to match up the sentences between the 2 files though.

Edit: I have managed to get the data I needed. I no longer need help.