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Started by creeperton, February 07, 2011, 01:17:38 PM

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LOL nice try to translate the PPF LOL

A PPF doesn't deal with pointers or anything!

A ppf is just a file with the differences between 2 files.

Basically ppf patcher go to read the first line of the ppf (in your case "4AD4C 16 AE") so it will jump to the address 4AD4C and overwrite the following bytes with "16 AE"
then it reads the second line of the ppf and so on.

Try to change the 1E in the second line of the pointer by adding or subtracting the length difference between FIGHTER and your new word (don't forget the 00 at the end of FIGHTER).

If the sum of all characters in your promotion classes is equal or smaller at the one u have in the PPF, u should not have any problems. If it's longer, u need to work on the image itself to see what will u overwrite.

Anyway it's not a good way to make a translations...u are basically working blind and one byte overwritten by error, can crash your game.


FFTPatcher knows the location of certain memory structures in the CD image.
For instance, it knows that propositions are stored in WLDCORE.BIN at offset 0x36380.
Furthermore, it knows that WLDCORE.BIN starts at sector 84041, so it knows where in the ISO it should start reading or writing.