I can't find complete map rips from bs zelda Kodai No Sekiban on google

Started by Jandazekon, February 02, 2011, 05:39:20 PM

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No luck on vgmaps.com :(
Not playable on zsnes win = I can't dump the maps from the rom, manually by then using (paint) for connecting all areas together.

Is Sephiroth3 capable for sending all areas from (bs zelda Kodai No Sekiban) to (Hyrule Magic) for a alttp romhack?
Then i can see all the area maps without needing to play the game. I will get zelda inspiration from this.



It's Inishie no Sekiban  :P

I don't know if anyone has made a map for this game, plus the game is divided into 4 weeks (therefore 4 ROMS). And I think some areas slightly differ in each week. You'd have to grab images of each week (like a giant puzzle) and put them together to form the full game. Check the BS Zelda homepage.
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