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proposed project, looking for help

Started by Jack7, January 27, 2011, 05:46:00 PM

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Hi, im new to the hacking community, and I'm currently learning the programming language, I've got a pretty good grasp on famitracker, and currently going throught tutorials, but, to get to the point, I would love to get a team together to start creating original Nes, snes, and genesis games, I have a couple ideas for games, and one main project idea for an original NES game, if anyone is interested, hit me up on this post


This might not be a ROM hack, but this snippet from The Definitive Guide to ROM Hacking for Complete Beginners still applies:

Quote1102: How can I start a ROM hacking group?

One of the biggest neophyte mistakes is to attempt to start a new
ROM hacking group to accomplish some project you've thought up. First
of all, no experienced ROM hacker is going to join a group founded
by someone who's never released a ROM hack. Secondly, unless you plan
to do a significant portion of the work (and no, managing a team does
not count) then most ROM hackers will avoid your attempt to start a
group because it looks like you're wanting to take credit for their
hard work. If you really want to start a ROM hacking group, then show
some progress on a project of your own and then solicit people to
help you with it. It's generally easier to find an existing group and
offer your services to them, however.
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yeah that makes sense, I'm going through tutorials atm trying to learn all this, i guess what i really want is to actually meet someone with experience. if that makes sense


I am really interested in creating a nes game, specially a 4-Player one (like kunio nekketsu series) but It is obvious that no one can do such a job alone, we have to work together.


yeah i know, i just cant get the whole programming part down, ive almost got music programming down though, just not anything else

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not to mention its not like id be doing nothing, ive been planning maps, enemies, weapons, items, storyline, gameplay, some music for weeks


If you are interested in NES homebrew development, check out the nesdev forums:

You can find some good beginner tutorials for NES programming here: