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Translations: Animal Forest N64 Translation

Started by RHDNBot, January 30, 2011, 07:10:39 PM

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Update By: Pennywise

I thought I'd get the word out that an Animal Forest translation project has been in the works for what appears to be several years. A lot of work appears to have been done on the game and I think it deserves some attention since serious N64 translations don't happen every day.

Relevant Link: (


we are in a horrible and deadly danger



"Serious"?  That's going to far.
The translation aspect really didn't happen.  The script provided to me was probably looted from another version of the game, so anyone willing to go through the japanese is perfectly free to do so.  No kanji!  I only did the menus and little snippets of text, not knowing much japanese myself. 

Sadly I'm sort of responsible for driving off the other hackers working on it, mostly via inability to do anything in a reasonable amount of time.  Sorry to all of you, and you are all in the credits!  (or will be when I double check that...)

The WIP patch is provided along with a bunch of source material and tools so you can extract the text and muddle with it yourself.  The text extractor and inserter is probably failry automated now.  Been a while since using it obviously.

As for the WIP patch  it is mostly english now.  There's a few straglers in the item list, texture-based script I'm still searching for, and the first some-odd lines which mostly consist of debug messages but at least a few were dedicated to the post office.
  Virtually all the dialog is handled except mail/board messages.  These don't display properly yet, and to force them to do so without limitting the amount of mail that can be saved and sent requires a rather crazy specialized system to save generated messages as a script.  It needs to save the text IDs for the message, then any text which would normally have been inserted into the message such as the sender's name.  Instead of direct read, messages now get either copied or interpretted into a buffer, available thanks to all the code reduction done to this point.  The buffer is capable of displaying the largest possible amount of text the screen can hold, so no arbitrary cap.

The buffer part works fine right now, and the interpretter for the message board is being converted to allow all the possible mail fields.  The big clincher will be tracing everything that can generate any kind of message and hacking it to produce the new format.  If done right, it should even be backward-compatible with the original mail format.

There's a few bugs to be worked out yet, likely more after the above fiasco is sorted out.  If you are interested in translating though there's stuff.  Really, there is ;*)