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what is a good script extractor?

Started by shadowdorothy, January 23, 2011, 12:53:10 AM

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I think I'm using the right term.
I want to pull the story line out of a GBA game. But I want to know what the best tool to use is when it comes to translating Super Robot War games? And is there a specific tool for these games? I looked on the main site, but didn't find what I needed.
Also am I even using the right term?

If this is the wrong section then please move this thread.


You've got the right term.

There are two big ones: romjuice (deprecated) and Cartographer (current). You'll need to be familiar with a command line to make use of either of them, though.

Cartographer's big advantage is that it's designed for use with Atlas, the big name in script insertion. It takes some setting up, but it'll save you a lot of work later when you need to format your dumped script for insertion.

Which SRW are you working on? Are you working on an English translation?
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Yes. I'm hoping to finish translating D.
Only the menu has been translated. I thought I would start with mech and attack names not translated and work from there.
I know how to use a command line, but not for script extraction. is there a specific code I should type in? I'll be using cartographer as that is more current.

Also does all that stuff work with windows 7? I have access to xp. But I want to know ahead of time.


Yes. Cartographer may run from a command line, but it's still a Windows app.

Cartographer comes with a sample command file for FF1 that demonstrates two different ways to extract the same script, as well as a batch file you can run instead of opening a command prompt. Just right-click on Cartographer.bat, select "Edit", and you can modify it in Notepad so that it will extract the script from the ROM using your custom command file. Once you're done, just double-click on Cartographer.bat and it will run the command.
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Um. That would be good if I knew how to do most of that. I can edit a .bat file, but what do you mean by custom command file?
Can I just use cmd prompt to tell the program to extract to my desktop? Or is that what the custom command is for?

I'm a noob at this, so have some patience please.


Cartographer requires you to specify a "command file" - the documentation comes with the program and is pretty thorough, and it even includes a sample file showing two different ways to extract the same script. For example, you can define a script block in terms of its actual start and end, or you can specify the start and end of its appropriate pointer block instead. You can even have it insert Atlas-compatible pointers automatically.
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Awesome. Thank you.
Can I use cartograher to insert the script whe I've translated it and use atlas to assign automatic script pointers?


No. Cartographer only dumps the script. Atlas only inserts the script.
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Yeah, shadowdorothy, you've got it kinda backwards. With the right settings in the command file, Cartographer will automatically format the script dump with Atlas-compatible pointers. You'll still need to add a few formatting tags so that Atlas knows what table to use and where to insert the script, but it'll still take care of 99% of the work.
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ok then.

Now one more question. How do I tell it where to use pointers? I know if I tell it the pointers it will insert the script, but how can I avoid messing it up to where the script goes of the screen or has funny characters?


It's all explained in the Atlas How-To guide.
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